Saturday, 15 July 2017

Photoshop of Beyonce!!! Yah or Nah

Biko, who did this to the mother of three. Although it looks good with that her captivating smile, but its not as cool as her original look. That is my own take.

Epic Video of a Mama Dancing During Thanksgiving.

The woman could not help but to dance to the fullness while giving glory to her God. Who can beat that dance. 

Before and an After Makeup Of an AIbino African Woman

Here comes a beautiful picture of a woman in makeup and gele. The transformation is massive but her smile killed this photo. Do you like it?

Who Did This to Rihanna? Beautiful Though!!!

This clean Photoshop of Rihanna went viral on Instagram and its looking very beautiful with makeups and a necklace. If she was to be a Nigerian what would she be called?