Friday, 22 February 2013

Fake PUNCH Reporter Arrested By Police..

Adeyinka Adetope
Adeyinka Adetope posing as a reporter with PUNCH newspapers was arrested by the Lagos State Police Command on the 21st of February. He was extorting money from people under false pretense.

The said fake reporter was arrested on the premises of a secondary school in Akowonjo, Lagos, where he had received a sum of N50,000 and a laptop meant for an editor of PUNCH newspapers. He promised the school that the cash and laptop would guarantee a free publicity for them for six months. The proprietor and principal of the school where even interviewed too. 

On a PUNCH letterhead paper, he submitted a proposal to the school and was suggesting ways in which the newspaper would be of good benefit to the school. Furthermore he interviewed the proprietor and principal of the school. Still he was rewarded with another N10,000 and gifts to give to his editor.

Unfortunately he disguised himself to be the "editor" and he called to thank the school, promising them to write a story about them soon, but after the call was received, it was perceived that the voice of the "editor" and that of Adetope could be the same.

The  school called PUNCH office, the teachers were advised to play along, PUNCH reported to the police, and thereafter he was arrested on the 21st of February when he walked to the school premises. He has since then been taken to Shasha Police Divisoin.

It was also learnt that Adetope allegedly showed the management of the school a fake PUNCH Identity Card,

After the conclusion of the police investigation, Adetope would be taken to the court.

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