Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman by Orabella

Hello folks, how are you doing and how is your day? Today am going to be talking on wardrobe essentials for every woman and why we must have the basics.

The first quarter of the year has gone and the next is quarter is rolling already. This actually means that if you have not given your closet a hard refresh, it times to start thinking of investing on few things before birthdays, dates, wedding and many all other event starts rolling in..

What am going to be talking on is about the basics, the kind that would help you stylishly bring your outfit together without the worries of what and how to wear your piece
Here we go;

1. Black Dress: A beautiful black dress that is classy and suitable for every occasion is must have in your wardrobe. It could be mini, kneel length or penciled. The important goal still remains that it looks great on you and it always available for wear without having to spend a single second worrying to wear for that moment.

2. Pumps: A pair of this adorable pieces keeps you ready, stylish and set for your outing. It never fails you. This choice is not restricted to colors, it could be black, nude or bright color that can light up your mood.
3. The White T-Shirt: The white t-shirt comes in when you love to appear casual and have a fun time with few friends over the weekend. It is advised you several of them in your wardrobe.
4. Classic Blue Jean: Denim jeans would be your bread and butter for every occasion and season. They never go out of style. It is ideal for dressing up or down.
5. Flat Shoes: Flat shoes are also everyday wear. They are comfortable and it goes for almost every outfit,expect for few like Ankara ( depend on how it is sown).
6. Jean Jacket: Its an adorable piece that can be worn for all season. Timeless and a versatile option.
7. A pair of Black Pant: A pair of black pant is a great piece to invest in your wardrobe. They came in various design.

As you add up to your wardrobe annually, do not forget to go with the trend to make you feel classy and stylish. Meanwhile other pieces are not left out in this journey are; shirt dresses, sunglasses, skimmer, sandals, tote black bag and a scarf.

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