Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sad News: 35 Lives Lost During A Crisis In Plateau State

When would this crisis in Plateau State end?

Clashes between the Fulani's and Taroh Herdsmen broke in Wase Local Government Area in Plateau State. This has resulted to the killing of 35 people, leaving 15 houses burnt to ashes.

This crisis erupted on Wednesday morning, at about 1:45am, when two Taroh Herdsmen were killed by the Fulani's. They were killed as they rode along Was-Kadarko Road. This happened in the town of the state Commissioner for Water Resources, Idi Waziri

Retaliation took place early this morning again in Mavou community and eight lives have been taken and three of these attackers has been arrested and are currently undergoing interrogation.  The Police Commissioner, Mr. Chris Olakpe stated that effort is being made to stop this ugly incident from spreading to other areas and normalcy would be restored in the community.

I wonder when love between indigenes wound abound in this state.

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