Monday, 11 March 2013

Shocking!!! 8 year-old Boy Weds 61 year-old Woman

8 year-old Masilela Sanele marries 61 year-old Shabangu Helen in Zimbabwe in the present of 100 guest. Parents of the unimaginable couples, bride's long time husband  Alfred Shabangu, and her five children where present at the wedding.

Masilela was named after his late grandfather, and while he was alive he never had a white wedding, hence Masilela was urged by the ancestors to get married and he chose 61-year-old Shabangu Helen as his bride......

The bride herself stated that she was married and have kids of her own and that she married Masilela because its the desire of their ancestors, it is ritual and they are happy about it. However she agreed that her 8 year-old husband would marry someday again once he grows older.

The young groom also noted that that he chose to marry his bride because he loves her and he is happy about the decision he took. However he promised to continue school, work hard and when he is older, he would marry a lady his own age.

Surprisingly the young groom parents solidly stood by him and gave lot of support, the bride dowry was paid last year and lots of funds was spent to make this wedding a reality. Even the bride's long time husband gave his full support because he believes that it is what the ancestors wanted. He further stated that his kids were happy about it too.

In this time and age, so people still believe and hold unto messages from ancestors.

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