Sunday, 10 September 2017

A Good Nigerian Paid N10m Fines To Bail Inmates in Prison

A good Samaritan (name disclosed) paid N10million to clear out fines of inmates who could not afford to pay their bail terms. About 100 inmates were released and the same good man is about to pay for another fine of about N10million.

This good news was coiled from James King on Facebook with the caption;
Recently, one man, just one man who don't want to be known or mentioned directly or indirectly, used N10m to settle the fines of prisoners serving various offences ranging from failed loans, land disputes, botched business deals, battering, cheating, fighting,  ...eccetera.
These were prison inmates who could not afford to pay their fines. They were poor Nigerians ofcourse. About 100 people serving such terms ranging from 6months to 2years were released from a single prison facility. Due judicial processes were followed. 
He intends to do another N10m.
He is not a politician.
He is not a government official.
He freed Muslims, Christains, traditionists, etc.
Others may want to use N20m for an exotic car or other toys of life. But he decided to spread mercy, forgiveness, hope and love.
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May our love touch the world in a special way..."

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