Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bomb Attack At Boston Marathon In USA. Three Killed!!! Hundreds In Pains!!!

Victim of the first explosion

Two bombs struck near the finish line at about 2:45pm yesterday at Boston Marathon, this finally turned the celebration in to a bloody scene.

Three persons were reported dead, one of them is an 8-year-old boy, and hundreds of people were injured. About 10 injured people had their limbs amputated, 144 people being treated, 17 of them in a critical condition.

It was stated that the blast was about 50-100 yards apart and the attack near the finished line shattered lots of windows and barricade, it also triggered a lot of chaos and shouting.

CNN reported that the two bomb behind this explosions were small and where made up of crude explosive devices. Two unexploded device was found at a hotel close to the bomb site and also at an undisclosed location.

Further more the federal authorities of the United States are suspecting the bombing as a terrorist attack, but it is not clear whether its a foreign or domestic attack. Investigation are being carried out to ascertain source.

My prayers goes to those who have been wounded and are in serious pain, God would heal them.

See more photos below

A woman praying in tears

victims of the first explosion

Shattered Windows

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