Thursday, 4 April 2013

How Do You Wear Neutral Outfits?

Over the past few seasons, neutrals have always taken centre stage. Olive, White, Beige, Camel, Gray, and Cream are known neutral colours that are commonly worn and I am going to be giving you few helpful ideas on how to spice things up.

Always watch out for textures and cut. Details on styling and fabrics can help you get your mind off the fact that it's just neutral. Over the years they have been wonderful available designs and fabrics that have come in neutral colours but still look fabulous and when you wear them it turns the outfit from "blah" to "beautiful".

Secondly, learn to pair neutrals. If your wardrobe consists of various neutrals in interesting styles, textures and cuts, mixing neutrals can become fun for you. How about you try that creamy curvy dress on a hot chocolate jacket with accessories in shades of brown, or mix tones of gray for a chic monochromatic look. Most neutrals of the same family will easily interchange. Neutrals in different colour families would still go together; you can achieve this by varying the tone of the colours and texture so that you pull off a cohesive look.

Thirdly, don't forget to add a pop of colour when wearing neutrals. Few accessories or pieces in colours should be put into consideration when you shop for outfit that are neutral. This item tends to compliment well with them. A white blouse or shirt will look beautiful and fun when paired with a gray coloured short and red heel shoes with a red bag. Colourful like orange, red, yellow and peach can be the ideal items to combine with your neutrals when you want to always have different look.

Finally, play and experiment with lots of accessories. Scarves, shoes belts, bag, necklaces and earrings can be a preferred way to add more glamour to your outfit. Animal print belts and shoes have that intimidating feel, woven belts have that exotic feel too, leathers and suede also add subtle in outfit too

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