Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Hi Guys and how are you doing.  I love to introduce to you this page and my focus would mainly be on beauty, fashion and its trends. There would be lot of items I would be showcasing here but I won’t be telling you from which stores these items can be gotten because it is worth going to all stores to find similar designs.

I see this as a challenge coming ahead of me, but I know within that I can impress you guys and do my best.  I’ll be doing in-depth post on how to combine clothes. I would also be blogging about my favourite fashion shows and pieces from the collections. So please be very gentle with me while I follow my instincts. **smiles**

To start off I would put together pictures of outfits that complement each other, most especially their colours. I get very meticulous when I want to combine colours because they also affect our moods. I hope this is going to be fun.

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