Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Bonang Matheba Releases New Book "Bonang From A to B"

Multi-talented radio and TV personality, Bonang Matheba releases her new book recently and she talked about her personal life, challenges and the good life she lives now.
She also shared her story of how her hard work paid and how she emphasized on the word that "no one is born made we all have to work hard. The brand she has now was built was from crash.

The book also talked about deep secret the public and media do not know about her. Below is what she told The Citizen in an interview;

"I write about many of the career decisions I've made, including all the little secrets I've never talked about; all the mantras methods, calculations and equations I've used to create huge brand, as well as many of my interactions with other people in the industry - the things that didn't make it to the tabloids because Bonang had to be the ice queen!"

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