Saturday, 10 June 2017

Nigerian Man Buys His Girlfriend A 15 million Benz In Appreciation Of Her Love To Him

This love is very strong and unique, check out the man who bought his dearest girlfriend a Benz worth 15 million in this recession. The car was not bought to make a proposal for marriage or as a birthday gift, but to say "Thank You For Loving Me"

He shared a video online with a caption;

Life is like a journey but my journey couldn't have been more sweeter without you, this is not an engagement nor marriage but this is just a way to tell you thank you for always loving me since 2013 even tho your friends told you to leave the little boy with nothing back in the days at Delta state university but you believed in me, I just wanna say thank you with this 15 million E350. I love you my girlfriend Kelechi Christabel..Issa banana season

Below are comments posted as they congratulated girl friend.

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