Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Lola Omolola The Head Admin of Females in Nigeria Meet With Mark Zuckerberg

Vibrant and strong willed Facebook personality, Lola Omolola finally meets with the founder of Facebook, Mark on the Tuesday the 6th of June.

Lola is the founder of a secret community called "Females in Nigeria" (FIN). FIN is a sectet community of a hundred of people who comes out to share their personal stories, on love, marriage, business, challenges, set back and a lot more. It has become a home where everyone is not afraid to voice out and it is a non-judgement forum.

This community has build bond across female Nigerians over the world and it still going places.

Below is the statement the CEO of Founder wrote on his page;
"I'm heading to Chicago later this month for our first ever Facebook Communities Summit with a few hundred of our top Facebook group admins."
"For the past decade, Facebook has been focused on making the world more open and connected -- and we're always going to keep doing that. But now it's clear we have to do more. We also need to bring people closer together and build common understanding."
"One of the best ways to do that is by helping people build community, both in the physical world and online."
"I've written and talked about these themes throughout this year -- especially in my community letter in February and at Harvard Commencement last month. This summit will be the next chapter and we'll discuss more of what we're building to empower community leaders to bring the world closer together."
"Over the past few weeks I've been meeting group admins across the country who are building meaningful communities on Facebook and will be at the summit. This photo is with Lola, who lives in Chicago and is originally from Nigeria. Two years ago, she founded a secret Facebook group called Female IN, or FIN. It's a no-judgment space where more than a million women come to talk about everything from marriage and sex to health issues and work problems -- and it's helping end the culture of silence that exists for women in some parts of the world."
"I'm looking forward to meeting more admins like Lola and talking about how we can help them do even more to build community. I'll share more info on the summit as we get closer, and I'll stream the event live from my profile later this month."
I see you all. #Finrocks.

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