Thursday, 1 June 2017

First Robot Cop Joins Dubai Police Force.

Dubai police have enrolled a robotic police officer, which happens to be the first in a unit that aims to make up a good number of the force in the year 2030.
Surprisingly the robotic officer stood to attention just beside the world's tallest tower, Burn Khalifa and passerby and tourist could not help but take a selfie with it.

The robot is able to move around on wheels, having a police cap on. Right on the chest it has a touch screen and it is being used to inquire about speeding tickets and report crimes.

The head of Smart Services at Dubai Police, Brigadier Khaled, made known to the public that their aim is to increase the number of robots to a quarter percent of the police force by 2030.

Additionally he stated that the main duty of the robot is to “find a new way to deal with people” however robots would not be able to arrest individual when need be.

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Anonymous said...

This very impressive, after the introduction of Ferrari and Lamborghini use to the police force